We spend our days at farmers' markets, where we're surrounded by the best of the season, every season. Patty Pan's inspired, affordable catering menus bring this bounty to you, for special and everyday occasions.  Contact us in the form at the bottom of the page to submit your catering requests.

How about a taco bar featuring our fresh, hand-pressed tortillas?

Choose two proteins from beef, pork or chicken.  Served with organic beans and rice, local, seasonal vegetables (roasted ahead of time or grilled on site), grated cheddar cheese, slaw, sour cream, and 3 homemade salsas:$15/person plus tax, minimum $300.

Everything in the signature taco bar, plus a third protein, house-made guacamole, organic queso fresco cheese, and an organic green salad.
$20/person plus tax, minimum $300.

Or enjoy our farmers' market menu in your own backyard!

  • Tamales and grilled vegetables 
    OR Grilled vegetables and grilled vegetable quesadillas:
    $10/person plus tax, minimum $300.

  • Tamales and grilled vegetables 
    AND grilled vegetable quesadillas:
    $13/person plus tax, minimum $300.

  • Tamales, grilled vegetables, grilled vegetable quesadillas,
    plus meat quesadillas (beef, pork, or chicken):
    $16/person plus tax, minimum $300.

  • Prices include set-up, breakdown, and 2 hours of service.

Meal Catering

Choose 1 main dish and 1 side dish for $12/person.
Choose 1 main dish and 2 side dishes for $15/person
Choose 1 main dish and 3 side dishes for $17.50/person.

       Main Dishes

Beef or Roasted Vegetable Lasagna: Made with grass-fed beef or perfectly roasted local, seasonal vegetables.

Shepherd's Pie: Grass-fed beef and seasonal vegetables layered with cheddar cheese and locally grown potatoes.

Chicken Pot Pie: A savory biscuit crust topping shredded chicken, potatoes, white beans, and seasonal vegetables

  • Sweet Potato Pot Pie: A colorful vegan torte with layers of polenta and curried lentils, topped with velvety mashed yams.
    Stuffed Squash: Summer or winter varieties, stuffed with meat and rice pilaf, topped with grated cheese. (Vegetarian and vegan available)

    Side Dishes

Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad-Seasoned with fresh dill and capers.

Seasonal Salad-Organic greens, topped with whatever the farmers' markets have to offer.

Roasted Potatoes-The ultimate comfort food.

Farro and Chickpea Salad-An ancient grain, complemented by an ancient bean.

Braised Greens-Kale and collards, cooked until perfectly tender.

Bacon-Potato Salad-Buttery spuds with crispy bacon and pickles.

Black Bean and Corn Salad-With fresh chiles (mild or hot), tossed in cilantro-lime dressing.


  • Roasted Vegetables-Local goodness, changing with the season


Appetizer Menu

Choose any 2 for $7.50/person

Choose any 3 for $10/person

Choose any 4 for $13/person

Choose any 5 for $15/person

Appetizer Options

  • Vegetable Tray with Homemade Dips-Choose two from Lemon-Tahini, Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper, Sour Cream and Caramelized Onion, and Creamy Artichoke.

  • Smoked Salmon Sushi-Served with pickled ginger and wasabi.

  • Phyllo Rolls with Veggie-Walnut Pate-Seasonal offerings, flavored with shallots and fresh herbs.i

  • Pesto and Dried Tomato Cream Cheese Torte-Cheesy decadence, in the colors of the Italian flag.

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves-Choice of two fillings: Lamb, lentils, and rice, or rice, tomato, and sunflower seed.

  • Collard Green Rollups with Sesame-Tofu Filling-Colorful vegan swirls, packed with protein.





Don't see what you want? We're happy to create custom menus.
There is a $350 appetizer or main dish minimum.
Prices include paper plates, napkins, and compostable utensils.
Prices do not include 9.5% sales tax.

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